Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Great Silverlight web sites Part 1- Silverlight in Baseball League Application

Bob Bowman is President and CEO of Major league baseball advanced media has announced that they going to implement with silverlight technology and This show demonstrates how to build the rich silverlight applications and how they are going to use rich silverlight compoents and how user experience with silverlight GUI will be in future

Bob Bowman joined Major League Baseball Advanced Media, L.P. (MLBAM), the interactive media company of Major League Baseball, as President and Chief Executive Officer in November 2000.


They have started live game shows on 2002 September in that time streaming videos are not much faster, here in bellow picture you can see how video was playing. just video stuck in every 2 seconds.  as shown in this picture.


After this gradually video has improved some what better that this video site has become more. and some more facilities have been added. (like choosing categories, choosing videos based on the choice of user). you can see the improvement in the bellow picture.



After that in 2006 much more video clarity has been improved. and introduced streaming data better concept, choosing videos from video grid, zooming the video, full screen future, choosing games based on dates and teams, much more score display feature and much more features better than previous versions.

Now silverlight comes to picture: Now daily 25 games are being played. nearly lakes of bit data has been entered into the data base. and user wants to choose and see the videos much more sophisticated way. here more web based GUI interfaces is needed to satisfy the viewers. here only the solution they have found that site has to improved with silverilght. In this show Bob shows how and what silverlight futures can be used in baseball game videos.

silverlight supports widgets concepts. throw this widgets user can select how c

an he see the video, he can change the camera view, and he can see his favorite player statistics. and user can customize the view of video. While the user is viewing the silverlight video with windows media player he can add more widgets to media player. Some of the widgets Player Tracker, chat widget are going to implemented in mlb videos


One more good feature is if programmers writes the code in silverlight .NET technology for web based applications, same application could be displayed in mobile also. see the picture bellow.



Some other resources how silverlight technology is being used in big application web sites.

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