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Silverlight plug-in Inplace and Indirect installation, How to

     This article explains how to install silverlight plug-in with different modes and alog explains the silverlight devloper that how to configure silverlight application installation modes.

     When users wants to see web applications built with silverlight technology in web browsers. web browsers should contain the silverlight plug in.

     If browser does not contain the silverlight plug in, then user will not able to see some of the the web page parts which contains the silverilght componets. In that parts user will get an image to install silverlight plug in. This is called installation of silverlight.

We can install this silverlight plug-in in two ways
Modes of silverlight plugin installation
1. Inplace Installation (aka 'Direct')
2. Indirect Installation.

     If silverlight application is configured with Inplace:false Installation mode user gets the image as following way. To install silverlight plug-in user has to click the image. If he clicks the image it redirects to site page. there user can download the silverlight plug-in and install it. Here user has to accept the terms and conditions of silverlight plug-in installation. After that he ables to visits the web pages built with silverlight technology.

     In second method Indirect Installation If gets the following image. If user clicks the image he/she will not be redirected to any other page. Just Silverlight plug-in download will start. In this, Image itself contains the Licence agreement and link to licence. It says that By clicking Get Microsoft Silverlight you accept the silverlight license agreement.


Configuring the Silverlight installation modes:

When we are building our silverlight web application, we can use the 'inplaceInstallPrompt' property in our call to Sys.Silverlight.createObject and set it to true or false.

Configuring the silverlight indirect installation mode:

function createSilverlight()
"plugin.xaml",// Source property value.
parentElement,// DOM reference to hosting DIV tag.
"myControl", // Unique control id value.
{ // Control properties.
width:'1024',// Width of rectangular region of
control in pixels.
height:'530',// Height of rectangular region of
control in pixels.
inplaceInstallPrompt:false,// Determines whether to

display in-place install

prompt if invalid version

background:'white', // Background color of control.
isWindowless:'false',// Determines whether to display
control in Windowless mode.
framerate:'24',// MaxFrameRate property value.
version:'0.9'// Control version to use.
onError:null,// OnError property value -- event
handler function name.
onLoad:null // OnLoad property value -- event
handler function name.
null); // Context value -- event handler function name.

Configuring the silverlight inplace installation mode:

     The script will be same as you see in about 
script. only the attribute inplaceInstallPrompt
value should be true here.

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