Saturday, June 9, 2007

Silverlight Forums & Communities

Here you can find the List of Microsoft silverlight forums for Light Up The Web

Share your silverlight knowledge, solutions for silverlight development problems and error handling for silverlight applications.


Silverlight Orkut Community


Silverlight Google Group (05/11/2007)
The is Silverlight community group from Google. This Silverlight community discusses the topics like Silverlight for Mobile, MIX Conference, WPF/E, a Silverlight/WPF comparison, Iron Python support, , animations and triggers with WPF/E, and Silverlight buttons.

Silverlight Yahoo! Group (05/11/2007)

The is Silverlight group from Yahoo! This silverlight community discusses the topics like issues of Silverlight application development, Silverlight installation and the Silverlight Mindmap.

Microsoft Silverlight FAQ (05/11/2007)

FAQ: Microsoft’s Silverlight FAQ is arranged in categories, including general (i.e., what is Silverlight”, is it free? etc), installation and website issues, development related, media (audio and video), server and services, globalization and localization, and Silverlight streaming.

Silverlight Photography Newsletter (05/11/2007)

Newsletter: You can subscribe to the Silverlight Photography Newsletter here. The newsletter covers photography tips and information and updates to Silverlight.

I would like to add some upcoming forms on silverlight.

It would be grateful,  If you know any silverlight forums Please drop your information as comment bellow.


Raghav said...

Click here to play Silverlight Games.


Rita said...

Hi, I am trying to develop a silverlight application that opens up multiple TCP sockets and transfers JPEG images from Camera to some other silverlight client. The issue is that the receiving silverlight application receives junk data from the TCP sockets. I will appreciate if you let me know how to overcome this issue. I look forward to your reply. Thank you.